zaterdag 16 maart 2013

An Ode To Green


Today I am here to talk about my favorite colour, green, which you might have guessed when looking at my blog layout. Because I will be off to a St. Patrick's Day party in a few hours!

Green is, in my opinion, the most underrated colour in the world.
It's stunning, striking or can be muted or subtle at the same time. It's one of the opposites of most of our skintones which is why it is sometimes used in concealer to even out red spots.
This is also the reason why it looks so good on most of us, even if you don't realize it yet. 
Of course, different shades of green will look good on different people.

Green is the colour of nature, of spring, the colour of health, the colour of luck and the colour of a new beginning. It's also the colour of peacock feathers. It can be sultry, sexy, fresh, or dark, depending on how you style it.

Of course green is also the colour associated with evil and envy, which is in my opinion what makes it so versatile.

Let's take a moment first to admire the beauty of the things below when looking at their colour:

Green in Cosmetics

Green is a colour often avoided in cosmetics. Why? Perhaps because it is still considered icky or perhaps associated with envy. It's also true that green makeup often brings out red spots and discolorations on the skin because it's a complimentary colour to the colour of most skin tones. If you are wearing bright green, be sure to wear a good concealer and foundation or at least a BB cream to even out your skin a little bit. Don't choose a concealer that is green itself because your skin will look dull and gray (this is also the case if you are not wearing green, in contrary to popular belief. Always choose a concealer and foundation closest to your own skin colour). 
Make sure your skin looks fresh and perhaps add a subtle blush to bring life to your face.

When applied properly, green is one of the most beautiful colours to use and really makes your features pop!
Depending on the green you choose you can pair it with almost every colour imaginable.

IMO, the best (all cruelty-free!) greens in cosmetics (in no particular order):

I have been looking for an emerald green shiny lipstick like this for ages.
This really is perfect although I might add that I find the texture a tiny bit too oily/creamy for my taste, which makes it bleed a little after wearing. The solution is to wear a green or black eye pencil underneath as lipliner (depending on how dark you want the colour because it's slightly see-through).
Because the green is blue-toned it really whitens your teeth, it is dark enough not to be icky, and the shimmer  adds a wonderful touch of glamour. This is my go-to colour when I'm sick of the usual reds, pinks and purples I put on my lips. Because of my skintone pastel lipsticks usually look awful on me, especially LC's Mint To Be (which I also own) or No She Didn't. I think my skin is just a tad too dark and yellowish to handle them and make them pop in a good way. My go-to lipsticks are usually dark or strong colours (or both!). Once you are over the 'ZOMG it's green! :o' bit, I find Serpentina surprisingly wearable.
This is a great colour to wear at St. Patricks Day, Halloween, or even Christmas when you want something else than the classic reds. I also wear it on regular days sometimes, when I feel the need to wear a fashionable colour that looks flattering yet different. It goes great with a neutral eye or a classic cat-eye, as a twist on the classic pin-up look. If you want extra sparkle, you can team it up with their matching lipgloss Hollygram ($16,99).

This is the colour I'm wearing on my eyes in my banner picture.
It's a great, VERY bright, tropical green with blue undertones. I love Barry M's Dazzle Dusts because they are versatile, easy to apply and to blend, they have an enormous range of colours (both matte, shiny, sparkly,  or shimmery) and they are affordable.
Loose eyeshadows can be a bit of a mess but if you remember to tap off the excess eyeshadow off your brush and apply them with care, they shouldn't cause a problem.
This is a great, strong, matte green that I've owned for a couple of years, thanks to a makeup contest they organized after they first started up. When I'm in England I always try to snatch some colours, you can buy them there at Boots or Superdrug to avoid the shipping costs you get when buying them online.

I think the 'olive oil' green is one of my favorite greens, together with dark, sultry emerald. Nice green cosmetics are so hard to find! When I heard Sugarpill came out with this beauty I couldn't help but squeel. This is an amazingly bright, truly matte eyeshadow that makes your eyes pop! The payoff is amazing and it is so versatile. Use it with a black to create a booming smokey eye or on it's own for a bright fresh spring look. Use a little on your eyelid for a subtle yet bright pop of colour or together with contrasting colours for a fun, tropical look.

Lumikki Cosmetics is a small indie brand selling on Etsy. I stumbled upon this colour when I was browsing through Etsy looking for fun cosmetic colours to wear. What a beautiful colour this is, a muted moss-green with red/pink/purple holographic sparkle. Very unique and it looks great on my eyes! If you are looking for something different and like handmade stuff, I suggest you try it out. It glides on your skin very smoothly and doesn't crease. You can wear it both muted or strong depending on what look you want and you always have that touch of 'different'!

5. Calvin Klein Nailpolish in Emerald Green (sadly discontinued D: )
(pic by
I have been looking for a good emerald green nailpolish for ages in various Amsterdam drugstores but I never found one. They were either too blue, too yellowish or too muted. I believe this was from the fall/winter 2012 collection and I can't believe I haven't stumbled upon it. This would be perfect to match with my Serpentina lipstick! I really hope I can still get it somewhere, the few sellers on Ebay don't ship to the Netherlands, boohoo. :(( Even though it's discontinued, I had to list it because of pretty <3 if anyone knows a dupe for this, let me know please!

(sorry, I don't know the source! I'll happily include this if someone does know..)
I love fresh, spring greens. They remind me of joy, sunny days and happiness. In my opinion, this nailpolish does that trick very neatly for the days you would like to add a little sweetness to your look. I think these light yellow-based greens are a bit underrated compared to the pastel blue-based mint colours everyone likes. I like them too, but as there are already loads of nail polishes on the market in similar colours I decided to highlight this one out. It's gorgeous!

Will edit this post soon to include my St. Patricks day look that I'm currently working at.

I hope my post inspired you to 'go green'!

Miss Absinthe