maandag 17 december 2012


Hello everyone!

I wanted to write loads of new stuff the past weeks and they are piling up on me, hehe.
Unfortunately I lost my camera and my boyfriend keeps hiding his because he doesn't want his card to be crowded with my pictures, hahaha.
So that's why I couldn't write anything though I have lots of new stuff to show you and to blabber about.
I still don't have a camera so I am going to dig up some old pictures to keep you entertained until I am able to afford a new one next month. Perhaps I can still borrow my bf's camera in the meantime.

Recently I tried to dye my hair purple. Since I don't want to bleach it because of some old henna that's still in it it is kind of a tough job. Didn't work so far, haha.

Attempt 1 (done by a friend of mine who's studying for hairdresser, washed out pretty quickly, turning it to a reddish brown):

Attempt 2 (by me, lipstick is Poisonberry):

D'argh. It's just.. brown. Perhaps I should buy a dark purple from Manic Panic or something and use that over my unbleached hair. I probably need to lighten it up a bit before since attempt 2 turned it nearly black.
Problem is is that my hair is so dark that if I bleach it it turns orange or bright yellow, it's also very fine and easily breached so I just don't dare to bleach it. Does anyone have tips for me? It doesn't have to be a very bright purple, but just something nice and different from the brown and red that I usually sport.

Quite a short post for today, I am very sorry for that.
But when I can get my hands on a camera I will have lots of stuff to show you!

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