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Review: Mon Ennui Cosmetics!

Hello everyone!

Firstly I have to tell you (though you probably must have guessed it already), I am a sucker for interesting indie makeup companies. I like to support small businesses. I know there is usually a lot of drama involved with indie makeup companies but I don't really mind that - as long as the product works for me I will use it.
A second thing I like about indie makeup companies is that their products are usually cruelty-free and often even vegan. I don't buy products anymore that are tested on animals. Most drug store makeup is tested on animals and non-vegan. I am not a vegan myself (and I must admit that I really like the colour carmine which is used in most reds) but if a product is vegan that's definitely a plus. I'm currently using up my drugstore makeup and don't plan to buy any more. The only brand that I still go for sometimes is MAC because I love their foundations and lipsticks.

So.. to go on with the indie-makeup-stuff..
I got a very pretty parcel yesterday. It contained a loose eyeshadow from Mon Ennui Cosmetics!
The colour is Hyperbole Blue, a teal-blue ish colour with oily shifts and loads of glitter.
I've been eyeing Mon Ennui for a while now, and hesitated to buy because there is such an enormous range of colours which are all equally pretty. During the Black Friday sale I was able to snatch this pretty for a discounted price. I <3 it!

(image snatched from Mon Ennui's website)
The colour has a black translucent base with a ton of teal, purple and blue sparkle. It's a really interesting colour and it is shifting according to the light, amazing!

This is what the container looks like - simple but elegant.
The consistency looked a bit gritty when I shaked out some powder out of the sifter jar. I also had a bit of trouble getting the stuff out of the sifter but I think that's probably a good thing - my Lime Crime dusts seem to be wanting to get out so badly that I sometimes can't help to spill.
I didn't have any problems with the gritty consistency when using it though. It felt buttery soft.

Here is the colour swatched onto my hand. From left to right: dry w/o primer, dry with primer, wet w/o primer, wet with primer. (primer: Urban Decay Primer Potion)
As you can see this colour doesn't really pop if you apply it dry without a primer. But wet - amazing!
Since I always use a good primer before applying eyeshadow that isn't much of big deal to me.
However, if you don't like primers this may probably not be the best eyeshadow for you unless you are looking for a subtle shifting sparkle effect. Since I like my colours bold and dramatic I will apply it with a primer.

Of course I had to do a proper peacocky look with my new pretty. Primer: Urban Decay Primer Potion in Greed (golden sparkle), Lime Crime Nymph, Lime Crime Lotus Noir and my favorite cheap eyeliner. Lips: LC's Serpentina. Necklace and earrings: made by me. I dusted some Hyperbole Blue on top of my eyeliner and mascara to provide with extra sparkly goodness. 

I really hope that I'd find the money somewhere to buy more sparkly goodness from Mon Ennui because I certainly love this eyeshadow!

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