zaterdag 17 november 2012

Today's Look and some random stuff!

Hello, here I am again!

Today I'm going to show you the look I wore today. And yes, I do actually wear all the looks you will see in this blog, on a daily basis (unless I have to work).
Today's look was created with the Chinadoll palette from Lime Crime (Fly Dragon Fly and Lotus Noir), my favorite eyeliner which is from a cheap Dutch drugstore called Hema and I also used Incantation and Lucky Charm from the Alchemy Palette. I like palettes with loads of different colours in it because it's easy to take them with me and create a whole bunch of different looks. Chinadoll is my favorite I think because the colours are sooo bright and it's incredibly versatile. If anyone knows of a good palette with smooth pigmented shadows, preferably a black and a white in it and some bright colours, let me know! I'm always looking for something nice. I have a few colours from Sugarpill and I really like them and want to try out some of their palettes but I want one that has a black in it like Bulletproof, so I don't have to take that one with me seperately every time I do my makeup in another place than at home.
I often do my makeup in the train because I don't feel like getting up at 6 am if I am going somewhere.
Not so different today, I had to go to school and since my school is in a different city I have to take the train every week. The trip takes about half an hour, which is exactly enough to create a nice and complicated look.

I decided to go for something dark with red roses today since I wore a black dress with a print of red roses. How original! But I do like it, though my hair looks a mess. By the way, I have bangs now, which look sloppy and unstyled here. :) The lipstick is MAC's Russian Red, the perfect red lipstick.
The second picture was taken with flash.

Unfortunately, I also hit the pan on Lotus Noir today.. :(
When I run out of it I plan to buy Bulletproof again, I think that together with Lotus Noir it is my favorite black. I ran out of it a long time ago. But since Lotus Noir only comes with the rest of the palette I will be much cheaper off (with more product) when using Bulletproof.

That's it for the rambling today :)

xoxo Miss Absinthe

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